4 Delicious Vegan Wedding Cakes

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Vegan lifestyle momentum has been on the upward trajectory, and there have been no signs of it stopping. With each passing day, more people are choosing to eliminate all animal by-product from their diets due to health and environmental factors, and those principles don’t stop because you are getting married. A lot of caterers can work with the confinement of your dietary restrictions, easily creating a delicious animal-free menu, but it becomes rather difficult a task when trying to make a cake without any butter, milk, or cream.

Thankfully, more bakeries have accepted the challenge and started crafting beautiful and delicious desserts that are suited to the vegan diet. Here are four exquisite wedding cakes that are proving vegan brides can enjoy their preference too!

A Marbled cake
Half Baked Co. in Burbank, California, strives to ensure that brides who have dietary restrictions have a wedding cake of their wish. This bakery produces vegan cakes without gluten and other sugary items, creating a perfect scenario where they are of low fat and sugar but have double the taste and flavor using vegan alternatives like almond milk, wheat flour, and applesauce.

Rose Mary Accents
Marilyn DeVault the founder and owner of Piece of cake bakery say that the amazing taste is the secret of creating a successful wedding cake. That’s partly the reason her bakery offers a spectacular variety of vegan cakes, including carrot flavor, lemon coconut, chocolate and Irish oatmeal-with each having different decorating options. The rosemary accents are added to the textured vegan wedding cake, creating a perfect masterpiece to use in a rustic outdoor ceremony.

A Touch of Whimsy
Situated in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Vegan Treats Bakery tries to change people’s negative perception of vegan food while concurrently giving an educational program about the issues that animals face. This plant-based bakery offers a lot of wedding cake flavors, from decadent Durch chocolate that has chocolate ganache and peanut butter mousse to raspberry that is paired with a classic Tahitian vanilla bean.

Simply Floral
Tu-Lu’s Gluten-free Bakery is situated in New York City can cough out different vegan versions for their wedding cakes. Customers have a particular liking of the elaborately tiered creation making it a hit on their sales. The two-layered work of art is accompanied by a vibrant floral accent and a topper that is larger-than-life, creating an expressive bite to the desert.

Rustic and Autumnal
If you are tired of not-so-great vegan wedding cakes, then Pattycake Bakery is the answer. Located in Columbus, Ohio, the bakery creations are 100% vegan. The products are given a natural bite due to the use of organic fruit preserves rather than the use of chemical flavoring agents. The bakery is famed for its production of delicious pistachio rosewater cake, and it serves a large number of non-vegan customers and surprisingly mostly can’t even tell the difference! This rustic autumnal cake has a killer charm, thanks to the off-kilter layers that are balanced upon the wooden stands