All that you have to know about vegan and gluten-free cakes

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There is no other part more exciting like when cutting the cake at a wedding. Dear future bridesmaid, if you are anything like us, and you have considered whether to use a gluten-free or vegan cake for health reasons or even you would rather like to treat your guest to something different, alternative types of desserts deserves your attention.

Gluten-Sensitivity vs. Celiac Disease
Most of the people with celiac disease presumably discern the difference. If a gluten-intolerant person devours gluten, he or she normally has digestive issues accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms. Celiac disease is a form of the autoimmune disease that damages the small intestines coupled with frequent visits to the bathroom. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have damaging long-term effects on the overall health.

The same goes for people given non-vegan food yet they cannot tolerate animal products. Most of the people who don’t react well with animal products are normally as a result of being lactose intolerant or being allergic to dairy. Needless to say, if you want all your guests to fully enjoy your wedding, then it’s probably a good idea accommodating any medical conditions or food allergies that any of your guests have.

Are gluten-free and vegan desserts healthier
If the main reason that you are considering alternative desserts is that you would like to offer healthy food in your wedding, then I would like to share some news with you; just because a product has a gluten-free or vegan label doesn’t necessarily make it any a healthier alternative. Gluten is a protein naturally occurring in barley and wheat which enhances flavor, elasticity strength and moistness of products. So when gluten is eliminated from a product, another ingredient is used to compensate for the lost properties. Sadly, most companies use a lot of additives and sugar to enhance the taste.

You should search for a baker with a respectable reputation who can use natural ingredients to make a healthy cake for your wedding.
What about taste?

At least once in your life someone you ’ve had someone complaining how much vegan desserts lack taste. The secret is always in the ingredients and those people are usually generalizing, which is never a good thing.

Using natural ingredients instead of artificial extracts and food dyes, one is can actually taste all the unique, beautiful, flavor combinations that bring an end-product that is incomparable to regular desserts. This means that even those people who like sticking with the classic flavors like red velvet cake and vanilla if they decided to try the vegan option won’t mean that they would end up with a tasteless dessert but might even be more delicious than the original dessert.
Food for Thought

As earlier mentioned, making a gluten-free or vegan version of a classic cake is not a sign of health limitation but it is a choice for adventurous brides.
Some of the popular flavors that are popular among people are lemon cake with lavender rosemary, strawberry basil icing and carrot cake with ginger icing.
We don’t know about you, but after knowing all this definitely, we won’t be shifting to conventional desserts anytime soon.