A vegan is a type of person who only emphasizes on a veganism as their only diet. Veganism is a type of diet which is vegetarian and avoids the use of dairy products, eggs, and any other animal-produced product. Most veganism is also extended to be defined not only as food but also extends to household and personal products used in the house.

Most vegans tend to avoid purchasing items containing animal products or non-food products such as clothing made of leather, wool, and fur .most people turn to be vegans due to their health conditions, others do veganism in respect for animals and others become vegans due to their ethics and environmental reasons.

Vegans have a variety of foodstuff which they consume example grains, beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables and other foods made by combining the listed foodstuff. Actually vegan diets are really similar to our everyday diet except in that they eliminate the animal products .both the vegans and non-vegans consume dishes like the spaghetti , green salads, chips, sandwiches, and even vegetarian burrito, therefore, there is nothing different when it comes to vegetarian diet except for the exclusion of the animal products like meat, milk, eggs.

Veganism has really grown in population in the past few years as many people have changed their way of living. Below are some of the ways people have become vegans:

Through vegan eating.
Most people have gotten rid of using animal products for food and gone to a vegetarian diet, this is because the vegetarian diet is cheaper than the animal products. Not only is it cheaper but it has more nutritive value compared to animal products.

Preparing a vegan meal is not different from the other meals it’s just that a vegan meal will require the use of ingredients that only contain vegan products. These are some of the types of foods required in a vegan diet; legumes, whole grains, cereals, pseudocereals, nuts, nut butter and seeds, hemp, flax and chia seeds, sprouted and fermented plant foods. With the vegetarian type of foods, it will show that the diet is fully vegan.

Through vegan dressing
One can express his /her vegan lifestyle by changing not only the diet but also changing the dressing, one can decide to go for plant-made clothing. This clothes will look exactly like the normal kind of dressing .during the choice of clothing one should be careful to avoid being given clothes that are a mixture of animal product clothes and plant product example is easy to find boutiques which have clothes which are exclusively made of vegan materials like lace, satin, taffeta and even cotton.
Caring about the environment
You will find out that meat to be produced will require 2500 pounds of water while cereals to be produced will only require 25 pounds of water .this large consumption of water for animal products may be damaging to the environment. A true vegan will save the environment by going for vegan products instead of animal products.

In conclusion, a true vegan will have to express some of the important characteristics to show that they are true vegans not only in diet but also in their day to day outlook as expressed above.