Benefits of Vegan Cakes

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When it comes to cakes, we all have a favorite pick. One we grew up with. That grandma’s special recipe that she used to bake and have the whole family feast on. We tend to get accustomed to it, after all, who can denounce grandma’s cooking, unless you want to meet her grumpy side.

But now you have gone vegan. With or without grandma’s permission you want to make a change. Maybe find a vegan alternative to her recipe. Where do you start? Because if grandma finds out, she would kick you out of her kitchen. You might as well bake behind her back!

So you start by ‘veganising’ grandma’s recipe finding alternatives for all her ingredients. You point-out the ingredients that are against your vegan lifestyle: milk, eggs and dairy. But a problem comes up, what alternatives are there for these items. Luckily you have vegan friends who you share your predicament with. Vegans are very friendly people and understand the struggle thus are more than willing to assist. They give you an array of alternatives for dairy milk like almonds, coconut, hazelnut rice, cashew nuts, flaxseeds, oats and many more. Now you are elated, “Grandma, there’s a new chef in town and she’s not backing down”, you say to self.

As you may by now have guessed, being a vegan doesn’t deny you the good things in life. In fact, it opens your mind to new avenues you never knew existed. It gets you on your toes doing things out of passion and with a drive for survival. Every achievement you make gives you the zeal to want to keep going beyond what you already know. I can bet you if a vegan and a non-vegan were in a cooking competition, the vegan would beat the latter hands down because of the creative pleasantry he or she would showcase.

Many who have turned vegans have found themselves starting businesses because opportunities in this field are vast. You would not find a common vegan dish like you would in traditional meals. Veganism is flexible enough to allow you bring out your creativity with less effort and at a lower cost. Truth be told, you will have to do some extensive research but the end product would make you proud. I doubt if it would hurt working on something you know means your livelihood. Veganism is a way of life and once you embrace it, the journey just keeps getting better and better.

So go out there and observe the green fields, immerse yourself in the greatness it holds, think of it as a recipe in the making: the different flowers, trees, bushes, shrubs, herbs then go work on something special they inspire in your mind. Don’t forget to invite me for a tasting session, would not want to miss on the heavenly outcome.