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Plastic Free July

Posted by Elspeth Humm on

What can we all do to make our homes more plastic free and start to make small changes

Here in the U.K, we are becoming increasingly aware of the result that excessive
plastic consumption is having on our beautiful planet. Slowly but surely, we truly
believe we’re headed in the right direction; however, we still have a long way to
go. Everyday items such as plastic water bottles and straws are just not
sustainable in anyway, regardless of what the packaging may say. They use up a
vast amount of fossil fuels and water to be both manufactured and distributed
around the world. Within that, the toxins in the plastic itself have an extremely
negative effect on our environment, as well as out own personal health.
Here at Elspeth’s Kitchen, we believe that every little helps, and doing your bit,
no matter how small, can only have positive changes on what will hopefully
become a world wide movement. So, what does that look like in reality, and what
are a couple of easy ways we can start implementing this within our own homes?

We all say that heart breaking David Attenborough clip of the baby whale, which
has very much been a catalyst for a conscious cut down on the use of plastic
straws. Did you know that, at this point there are more plastic straws in our
oceans than fish? That’s pretty ludicrous, if you ask us.
Instead of grabbing a packet of plastic straws for that summer BBQ you have
coming up, or opting for one alongside your morning smoothie, grab a stainless
steel or glass straw. You can get these amazing little straw brushes too, which
make cleaning them an absolute breeze. Yes, the paper ones do get a little soggy
before you’ve even got halfway through your juice, but can also be a great
alternative too.

Not only is it sustainable to carry around a glass bottle with you throughout the
day, its also pretty cool. There are so many amazing brands on the market that
offer different sized high quality glass bottles, meaning that you’ll be able to use
it time and time again. Much more economically friendly too! It’s also better for
your health to opt for a glass or flask, as when heated slightly, the chemicals from
plastic water bottles can actually seep into the liquid inside. This without a doubt
can have a negative effect on our health, and most specifically, our endocrine

Coffee Shop Cups
We’re huge fans of our Keep Cups, which mean you can take your coffee to go
and still be eco-friendly. If you think about it, a coffee a day means you’re using
up an insane amount of to-go cups, with their unnecessary plastic lids, within
the space of a month, let alone a year. A lot of places now, Pret being one of them,

are actually offering money off your hot drink if you bring your own cup, win win
for everyone!

Plastic Packaging
Unless we’re mindful, it’s very easy to ignore just how much plastic enters our
homes during our weekly shops. Take a stroll down the fruit and vegetable isle at
your local super market and you’ll notice just how many items are tightly
wrapped in almost excessive amounts of plastic. Most produce has it’s own
packaging by nature, such as oranges and bananas, so the need for plastic
packaging feels ever so pointless.

Instead, head to your local farmer’s market with a reusable canvas bag (ever so
fashionable right now) and grab your fruit and veg packaging free! If you don’t
have a farmer’s market near you, simple start opting for loose produce when
shopping, or take your own paper bags if you really need them. Less demand for
plastic wrapped produce will hopefully result in the manufactures taking notice
and cracking down on plastic waste. You can make a difference in your own
home too, buy ditching the plastic cling film for bee’s wax wraps and glass
Tupperware pots.

Think Outside The (sustainable) Box
Venture out of the kitchen and take a closer look around your home, are their
any products with plastic packaging that you can find sustainable replacements
for? From beauty products, cleaning solutions to even your clothing, there are so
many incredible brands popping up promoting an eco-friendly, plastic-free way
of living, so invest in these companies and spread the word!