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Top Vegan Holiday Destinations

Posted by Elspeth Humm on

Travel. What once may have been a slightly terrifying though for a vegan, has
now become a whole world of exciting new opportunities to explore local plant-
based cuisine and different seasonal, local fruits and veggies. Here our the
locations currently on the top of our bucket list, from the jackfruit filled tacos,
eaten on white sandy beaches of Tulum, to indulgent vegan junk food in Portland.

Where should we visit next? We’d love to here where you’re headed on your next
holiday places, and if you’re anything like us, we’re sure you’ll have those plant-
based eats at the front of your mind!

Tulum, Mexico
A quick Happy Cow search of vegan eateries in Tulum, Mexico, will show you just
how accessible it is to eat a plant-based diet here. Plus, the fast-becoming tourist
hot spot is full of nourishing and healthy cafes serving up fresh, local produce,
easily altered to any and all dietary requirements. The Real Coconut found in the
Sanara hotel has the ultimate drool worthy menu, full of Mexican classics with a
twist, from coconut flour tacos to simple breakfast bowls, piled high with fresh
fruit and homemade granola.

Melbourne & Sydney, Australia.
It sometimes feels like every single image of mouth-watering vegan food I
stumble across on Instagram these days can be found in Australia. Sigh. From
huge vegan pizzas, tasty Thai to easily shared tapas; Sydney just seems to get it
so right. Melbourne is actually considered to be one of the vegan capitals of the
world, and we can see why! It’s so easy to find both healthy, and not so healthy,
plant-based eats in the city, Smith and Daughters are currently at the top of our
list, and farmers market’s selling raw desserts can only ever be a good thing!

Portland, Oregon
Known to be one of the top players in the most vegan friendly cities of the world,
Portland has it’s very own completely vegan supermarket, along with a whole
host of fantastic places to grab a bite to eat. The Blossoming Lotus has rave
reviews for it’s healthy, plant-based delights whilst Homegrown Smoker is a fully
vegan street food truck offering tasty comfort eats. There’s also a vegan clothing
store, perfectly named Herbivore Clothing Co. along with vegan tattoo parlours,
bed and breakfasts and even a vegan cat café!

Brighton, England
A short train journey out of London; Brighton is an absolute vegan paradise. Not
only is it a fantastic destination for a day trip by the sea, the independent cafes
and vegetarian restaurants will have you absolutely spoilt for choice. Food for
Friends is a fantastic spot to spend a long lunch over fancy plates of innovative
vegetarian and vegan food, whilst health shop Infinity sells all your favourite
vegan brands and eco-friendly products. We also love Happy Maki for epic plant-
based sushi burritos, and Brighton’s very own VegFest grows in popularity each

Bali, Indonesia
It’s not uncommon to travel purely with the sole intention of trying new food; in
fact, it’s probably our main motivation for getting on the plane in the first place.
Bali is the perfect example of this, and the food in Bali is up there with someone
of the best we’ve ever eaten. Seminyak is full of fashionable, instagramable plant-
based cafes, whilst Ubud is the yoga loving, raw vegan’s heaven. Our must visits
are Peloton in Canngu, Café Organic in Seminyak and Alchemy, In the Raw and
Kind in Ubud. We’re also huge fans of Nula Bowls and Mad Pops, which can be
found in multiple locations across the island.