Cakes at Vegan Weddings

serving raw vegan cakes at weddings

Many find the idea of vegan cakes quite daunting, some are even scared of trying one. How can one find the same taste, texture and yumminess without butter, milk and eggs in the ingredients? After all, aren’t these the main ingredients in a well baked cake? Well, to put it plainly, they are missing out on so much good that underlies a vegan diet.

Ever wondered how war-time house wives used to bake cakes when there was a short supply of eggs? They definitely had to look for alternatives, right? Typically, eggs are used for binding, retaining moisture and determining the crumb texture. A variety of products are available that can be used in place of eggs for example, baking soda and vinegar.

Concerned about weight gain? Vegan cakes use vegetable fats like coconut oil which is leaner and quite healthy. This means if you are on a weight watch, you have the perfect remedy for that cake craving that won’t just go away. Canola oil is also a good alternative that is used which contains nourishing agents that give you that youthful skin look.

When planning your nuptials, your choice of cake sets the mood for the festivities. As a vegan, much will be needed of you especially when trying to impress non-vegans. As much as you have the wedding fever, remember this is a perfect opportunity for you to win-over non-vegans to join you in the fight for animal rights. Let non-vegan cat lovers know that by consuming animal products, they are taking the lives of innocent animals that are just trying to get by.

One of the outstanding facets of vegan wedding cakes is that most of the ingredients in its recipe can be grown in your own home garden. This means less cost when sourcing for them and guarantees quality and freshness. Quite a relief for you knowing that you can have your delicacies growing close by. Safe to say, Mother Nature would be pleased with you.