Hacks to Veganising Your Vegan Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can be done easily, you just need a recipe and the ingredients and you should be set for a good cake. Did you know that you can veganise a cake or transform the original cake to a vegan cake? Below are the ways to make this possible:

Normal cakes are usually gluten-rich
Most vegan cakes are free-from gluten too. Here people usually think of replacing this recipe with an egg solution but doing this kills the building structure of a vegan cake. You might resort to egg replacing ingredients but they do not work in reducing gluten, they increase the starch. Use gluten-free flours for baking and you should have a good vegan cake batter.

Avoid or ignore all that you know about ordinary cake batter
Usually, when baking traditional cakes we try to ensure consistency in the water and flour contents. This means batter of the original cake is usually smoother in texture. On the other side, the vegan cakes are thicker and somebody might feel the need for more water. However, veganizing a cake means thick batter.

Stop using replacers of eggs
For the traditional cake, the egg is important in building cake structure. Moreover, the replacers are not able to do the same role. Replacers of eggs bind the ingredients together using polysaccharide sugars. The sugars absorb lots of water acting as softeners, in other words, tenderisers. This process may lead to cake rise and burst but using the gluten-free flour should be able to hold the vegan cake together until ready.

Making a vegan cake is not a simple hack.
It will take some time for any vegan cake to become perfect. You will need to do this recipe repeatedly until you succeed. Making a cake is not expensive to get ingredients and keep trying to learn to veganize your cake until you are perfect. Veganizing means the ability to adjust to make the cake outcome as vegan as possible.
The result of a cake is how far it rises. There are many ways to test for readiness of a vegan cake. Being able to know the degree of rising should be enough to tell you the adjustments you require for the cake.
Veganizing a cake means the different degrees of rising can be made enhanced by reducing baking powder and water in the case the batter never rose. This is because of using leaner batter.
In the case the cake turns out dry, could be because of the not enough water or fat, reducing the baking and water content should be able to fix this cake.

Finally, the vegan wedding cake can sink in the centre. The use of excessive sugar can lead to this mishap because it takes in a lot of water. Reducing water, fat and sugar and increasing baking powder should fix your upcoming vegan wedding cake.
Veganizing a cake can be a challenge. This being a problem, resort to the recipe meant for a wedding cake. This could be a good roadmap to a good vegan wedding cake. This should give you the confidence to work on more cakes, concoct innovations and diversify vegan wedding cake experience.