How to Get Wholesale Cake Orders

Starting a wholesale cake business can be a huge feat. Getting clients is another huge step towards the success of a business. For wholesale cakes, one needs orders from customers; this requires a lot of input to be able to have a market to supply. Knowing how to go about getting is important for profitability. Below is a step-to-step description of how to get yourself wholesale cake orders:

Think of potential clients and jot them down. Not all prospect clients will sign up for your service; having a long list of people you can think of is the first step towards getting your orders. In your list, include school restaurants, restaurants, coffee shops, retail cake stores, food stores, shops, supermarkets, juice parlours, bus stopover companies name them. Be sure you have exhausted your list even so you can still think of expanding your market.

Give all on your list a free sample. To get your product accepted by a market, customers need to try it. A free sample is a promotional tool. You might find yourself a client immediately. Alongside the sample, provide a telephone in case they want to reach you for any information.

Provide free delivery for some orders. Myself I fear the charge usually imposed on a doorstep delivery. I would rather come for the package myself. However, one placing an order, mention to the customer about a delivery charge, agreeing on a standard charge can keep the same customer placing multiple orders because they feel you care about them.

Sales pitching. You can choose to pitch for orders yourself. Pitching is usually about providing enough product information to trigger purchases. There are things you must mention to the customers to pique their need for your wholesale vegan cakes. Provide product lists, a customer knowing they can choose the cake flavour they want can actually earn you an instant wholesale order. Alongside it provide price lists and contact cards for easy reach in the case on an order.

Pay potential clients a visit. This is normally done at times when the client is supposed to be free. What I do is maybe do this twice in a week, I just go to the client a day before, know when they will be free or available, I try as much that I place the appointment on the same day. Most clients can fix you in their lunch or dinner breaks. This means you have some time to put information about the wholesale cake forward. Do not leave the table with a business card, contact card, a direct email address or cell phone number.
Record details of customers as you walk out of the meeting. Record about every important detail can help you analyze the kind of customer your client will be. Right their name, and the best time they can be called.

Finally, follow up on customers you have visited. This is good to know your progress as far as creating a client list. Do not wait for calls from the customers, it will be best to simply follow up, tell them of what you have on your shelves, would they want to try them and when do they expect the order.

After working on the above, am sure you are ready to go out to the field, earn yourself orders and make some money. All the best in your wholesale cake business!