How to survive the Festive Season as a Vegan

Festival season is officially upon us, and there is no better feeling than packing your bags ready to spend the weekend dancing and eating the night away with your closest friends. What once may have been a bit of a terrifying thought for someone opting for a vegan diet, has recently become an exciting challenge to hunt the very best plant-based street food on offer. From Bestival to The Big Feastival, Latitude to the Isle of Wight, street food vendors are ensuring that no vegan goes hungry, and we couldn’t be happier. Plant-based food has also seen to be a huge hit with non-vegan festival goers, simply looking to try something new and delicious.

Northamptonshire based Shambala festival (23rd-26th August) are known for being eco-friendly and all for working hard to reduce the carbon foot print of the festival. As far as food goes, you’ll be in for a real treat, as the fully vegetarian fest offers well known eats such as the glorious Mexican street food from Club Mexicana, Young Vegan’s comforting pie and mash to Los Cuates Churro completely vegan pop up.

Foodie fest The Big Feastival is renowned for its incredible array of tasty eats on offer. You’ll find me by the Happy Maxi truck, tucking into their generously stuffed vegan sushi burritos, as well as waiting not-so-patiently inline for Spice Box and the amazing plant-based vegan food on offer. Latitude (12-15th July) located in lovely Suffolk, has a number of amazing options you simply must get your hands on. From hearty and ever so authentic paella from Paellaria, to the wonderfully vibrant Dosa-Deli and their veggie Indian eats. Lastly, Soul Circus, another fest set in the heart of the Cotswolds, is big on making sure there is something for everyone, regardless of your dietary requirements!

Even though the chances of you not being able to find something to nibble are highly unlikely, especially since there has been a huge rise in those opting for a plant-based diet over the past few years, I always like to be prepared. I’ll make a batch of healthy energy balls to keep me going through a night of dancing. I’ll take a couple of packets of oats, ready for a lug of boiling water to be added, just in case I can’t find any breakfast first thing, and grabbing a few bars of vegan chocolate is always a good idea to share with friends.