Introduction to a Vegan Wedding Cake

You have been used to eating sugary cakes, cakes full of creams in weddings even when it is not your thing. You are tired of having it in every wedding cake you go to, you have felt is unhealthy and even these days you do not participate in the cake cutting and sharing a part. There is a new option for you and those in your family ready to try out something new and still stay healthy, try the vegan wedding cake.

A vegan cake is a cake that avoids the use of animal products in its baking process. That is the first tip towards understanding a vegan cake. The most common animal products used in making cakes are eggs and milk. The normal cakes besides using eggs and milk filled with chemicals, flavours, powders and colouring made artificially. Years ago, there were few options for vegan cakes. Some of them you could not try eating, because of taste, colour an even the shape. Today vegan wedding cake makers have come up with more and better options for vegan wedding cakes, be sure your guests will not be the kinds of cake they are eating until the cake plate is over.

How does vegan wedding cake will taste with all our favourite animal products stricken out?
Sugary features replaced by the use of organic fruit purees. Think of the numbers of fruits you know and those you do not know you will find out the cake not only tastes nice but also is soft in texture an important property of a standard wedding cake. As you order for a wedding cake, keep in mind your best fruit to do the trick to the cake. A lemon for instance.

How healthy is a vegan wedding cake?
You could be wondering if it is gluten-free. A vegan wedding cake could be the carrier of all the best dietary requirements for anyone in your wedding. Replacing milk with soya milk is a good option. The same element combined with cider vinegar replaces an egg.

You love butter in your cake, how do you avoid it as a vegan wedding cake baker?
Replace butter with oil. Oil, as we all know, has the same effect on the cake, free from cholesterol and the best for a heart health-conscious person. Oil is even more advantageous as it leaves moist in texture.

How do you improve the appearance of a vegan wedding cake?
A cake can make you the talk of the town. Its shape, scent, taste and texture come first. To ensure your cake is fully vegan avoid artificial colourings. Use grated lemon to make the dough, use vanilla and chocolate to complement its scent, taste and appearance. Some people do not eat cakes because they do not love the egg feeling and taste in a cake. A vegan wedding cake is just what you need to give them in your wedding.

Generally, what are the best substitutes that lead to a vegan wedding cake?
My secret list is the things you already but never knew they can make your wedding cake. I call them natural substitutes namely bananas, vegetable oil, dairy-free margarine, applesauce, coconut milk, coconut butter and soya milk.