Making Your Vegan Wedding Cake Business Better (learn from our mistakes!)

You might be wondering whether vegan cake tastes yummy. You might have eaten it and enjoyed without knowing. If you have decided to go vegan you do not want to stop eating cakes. If you have started a vegan wedding cake business you will need to make the business better every day. Below are helpful tips towards improving your vegan wedding cake business experience better.

1. Learn your customer’s needs. Create customer feedback forms, questionnaires, do interviews, ask around for people’s opinion on their vegan cake cravings. Bake vegan wedding cakes that satisfy vegan cravings. Vegans crave for sugars, proteins, fat and cheese. Use such substitutes for those cravings to improve their vegan cake experience.

2. A good vegan wedding cake maker plans. Once you have an order made call your suppliers. Let them know the ingredients you require, have the supplies in stock and start the baking process. Be on point every time; be able to beat the deadline having made the wedding cake your client requested.

3. Customize your vegan cake kitchen. The best meal comes from a kitchen that makes it easy for you to move around. Arrange the cookers, mixers, cutlery, decorators where you can find them without wasting a lot of time and losing your focus. You can have someone on standby to help you reach some items as you bake.

4. Make your vegan wedding cakes healthy and safe to eat. You need to avoid processed ingredients as much as you can. In place of fats use avocados and nuts. Most people believe without fat, there is no cake. Do it without fat, get the feedback days after the wedding, what are people talking about and improve on it. We only make Raw Vegan Cakes because of this!

5. Adventure and learn new vegan wedding cake tricks. You are not the first town. A vegan wedding cake from Scotland is not the same as that of Bristol; all these makers are doing what they feel can satisfy their clients’ needs. Sit in the cafes, have a notebook, talk to the owners, ask how they do it, make your recipes better when you go back home. Check online for international vegan trends and began a vegan wedding cake guru.

6. Creativity. Experiment different ingredients on a standard vegan wedding cake. You will need a number of volunteering customers or staff as tasters, get their feedbacks and work around that. Create your own brand and recipes. This will keep on top of other vegan wedding cake bakers.

7. Create your own vegan wedding cake community. Today various companies have become better because of discussion forum. With a few clients on your list impressed with your work, you can video testimonies of what their vegan wedding cake experience was. Use these clips on your website or social media pages let people talk about it, create a poll or allow for a brainstorm activity by page visitors. Experiment and create even better versions of your vegan wedding cakes, the vegan experience will just keep getting better.