My Secret to Icing a Vegan Wedding Cake

Most people think that icing a wedding cake needs dairy products, but my secret cream comes from coconut oil. I make my buttercream quite naturally and I know for sure that it supersedes buttercream from dairy products. I know very much that you are keen on what I do and am happy to take through the steps of coming up with a super cute coconut cream to ice your cake.

Coconut buttercream is not an easy go. You will need to put some considerations into context to get the best of your vegan wedding cake:
Coconut cream always needs to be consistent in nature. Have your coconut in a cool room temperature to ensure it is set for use. By set, I mean partly solid and liquid. Making it inconsistent does not spoil the taste but the cream will not be in it ideal texture.

The best state for a coconut oil for making a buttercream is the solid state. Here am sure you have an idea of what I mean; right! Keep the oil in your refrigerator to maintain its solid state. In a case, you had mixed the buttercream and it is still not intact, have the bowl holding solution in a refrigerator for some means to pull it together.

Your cake should be ready ad cool when you decide to ice it with the buttercream. A hot cake will melt the cream and we will not be having an icing anymore. To quicken the process refrigerate the cake, ice it and return it to the fridge until it is ready for serving.
Flavouring your vegan wedding cake butter .

By deciding to use the coconut, buttercream for your icing it means you will have a mild coconut taste on the cake. You might want your guests to enjoy this taste and therefore before refrigerating, add coconut extract to make the coconut taste stand out
You might not be a big fan of this flavour and will enjoy it milder. You can weaken the coconut feeling by overpowering it with other flavours like berries, nuts or seeds like the sunflower and sesame seeds.

How will you ice the cake?
Pipe the buttercream in a cool place to avoid the fading of whatever design you want on your cake. If you need to decorate the cake use it for bold designs that cannot fade of easily
You can use vanilla together with the buttercream to make you came even more appealing and tasty. Choose the colour of vanilla that will meet the needs you wish for or you are the seller, use the colour the client wants to dominate the cake

How do you make the buttercream?
The amount of buttercream you want to yield will depend heavily on the number of ingredients you will put into it. The ingredients are mainly: Coconut oil-half cup, confectioners’ sugar-4 to 6 cups, a teaspoon of vanilla or coconut extract, a pinch of salt and a thinning agent like soy milk.
First, use a mixer to the coconut oil completely even, add the confectioners’ sugar slowly until it gets to two cups as you increase speed of mixer slowly once the sugar is dissolved, add the vanilla or its alternative and some salt, add the confectioners’ a cup after another and mix until the buttercream gets consistent. Your buttercream should be ready, in case it is thicker add the soymilk to make it thin.

You can refrigerator as you wait for the cake to be ready and ice after cake gets cool too as above. Your vegan wedding cake should be at its best. Thanks to me!