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About Us

Elspeth's Kitchen was started by Elspeth Humm in 2015 after she has trained a chef, turned vegan and wanted to combine her 2 passions.

She was unsatisfied that vegans had such limited options when it came to cakes. She decided that the best way to solve the problem was to take matters into her own hands and start a tiny bakery in the niche market for vegan cakes made purely from nuts, dates and fruit. She is a genius dreamer.  

2012-2016 - Elspeth trained as a professional chef and followed her passion for food by working as a chef on private yachts for celebrities, oligarchs and sheikhs. Towards the end of her time on the yachts, Elspeth was vegan and decided that it was time to drive her passion for vegan food...something the yachts wasn't enabling her to do 

2016 - Elspeth moved into a tiny kitchen in Dilton Marsh and began playing. Over 6 months she explored her favourite flavours, taste tested and refined the flavours: this was a really difficult thing to do ;-) . The list of cakes she was proud of was finished and Elspeth's Kitchen was ready to drive forwards and champion veganism.

2017 - Elspeth travelled around the country, attending cake and vegan events every week and weekend, hearing people's orgasmic moans when they first sampled our cakes: she knew she was onto something good, so it was time to plan the expansion and get these cakes into the mouths of everyone vegan or willing to try the tastiest vegan cakes in the world  .

2018 - We have moved into our custom commercial kitchen, started hiring and are prepared for RAPID growth. Elspeth is now a published Author, Recipe Creator and Menu Consultant.

Now - The newly opened wholesale production kitchen is in full flow, a much more professional space which has allowed us to increase our quality, consistency and capacity. Fun times ahead!