People Who Have Vegan Weddings

raw vegan wedding side cake

Who said going vegan meant kissing the sweet, fluffy, juicy and mouthwatering cakes goodbye? Surprisingly, you might have eaten a vegan cake before and never realized it. It all boils down to creativity of your caterers. Choosing a professional vegan caterer saves you much hustle and time when deciding on what foods and pleasantries to have at your wedding. Remember, plants come in numerous varieties and thus creating a possibility for so many different ways for preparing a meal.

Going vegan is a calling, one that needs dedication and focus to stay the course. If your reason is in regard to protecting animal rights, you are to take all steps to see to it that you lead the pack. This means at your wedding, you must have everything reflecting this passion. Your choice of garments for the bridal dress to the groom’s tuxedos should all be non-animal products. Your furniture should not be laced with leather and the venue should be full of nature’s best gift, vibrant plants swaying in the wind peacefully.
It is your wedding and as much as you want to own the event, you also want to impress your guests. There is no promise that all your guests will be vegans, however, nature has a way of making us equal. You can win the non-vegans’ imagination by having your wedding done in a well vegetated park full of trees, flowers and well-manicured lawns. The scent of fresh air fizzling through the bushes would further stamp your vegan course. At this point you will have won their attention making it easy for them to relate to your vegan theme. They would look around and see the extensive effort you have put in to ensure everything reflects what you represent: A vegan on a mission with a vision to save the planet and the animals of this world.

On the dining tables you can have gift or donation cards towards saving animal charities. I know I would respect such a set-up, I mean, everything spells out vegan loud and clear. You can also source for vegan friendly drinks and have them labelled clearly for all to know.

Having an assortment of vegetable desserts on the tables as snacks would also come in handy. The guests can nibble on this during the event. That way you will have prepared them psychologically to feast on what is on the menu. After all, once the taste on their tongues is sensual, they would want to have a full serving of the magic in the cooking.