Planning your vegan cake at your wedding

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Your wedding is your special day, probably a day you’ve been dreaming about your whole life.
Weddings come in different shapes andsizes, so you might start asking yourself now whether you’ll opt for the conventional approach or not. We wouldn’t eliminate a completely traditional wedding, and it may sound superstitious and conventional; nevertheless, most couple still prefer to have a traditional touch to their celebration.

The two approaches comes together and they often make a great combination. Wedding planning may seem daunting and may utilise your energy especially if you are not used to urgent appointments and rushing around.

Planning is overwhelming, however there is always a big factor in it that brings fun and excitement. Part of that is the choice of your dress, reception, theme, flowers, and most especially the wedding cake if you are a vegan.

As the concept for a wedding has continued to evolve, nowadays, many people look to create something in line with their beliefs and personal preferences – Because of this objective, a unique type of wedding cake is born – Vegan Wedding Cakes.

What are Vegan Wedding Cakes? From the term itself, it is fairly clear that Vegan Wedding Cakes are a kind of cake wherein eggs and dairy are not used in the preparation.

Vegetarian Wedding Cakes suggests a kind of cake designed as the vegetarian diet and the wedding will normally still include eggs and dairy: found in the usual wedding celebration.

The major struggle in a Vegan Wedding Cake is the decision on what the ingredients to use, without sacraficing flavour. Chocolate cake is one of the easiest vegan cakes to make. Some bakers would use coconut milk to make a luscious chocolate frosting. Another option is to have a raw food wedding cake. Raw food cakes are amazing and don’t get dry like some vegan cakes can and are of course still vegan.
Preparing a so-called vegan wedding cake does not really differ significantly from preparing normal wedding cake. The first thing you must do when setting up your vegan wedding is to discuss with the family about your preference. Most likely, a lot of your guests shall be anticipating eating meat for their meal at your wedding. Some people who made a financial contribution to your wedding might get offended by your choice.

These are the things that you might try and foresee. Communicate and deal with them clearly and with sympathy, helping them to understand that your wedding day is your special day and should be crafted in your vision.

If your friends and family know you are a vegan, they may be anticipating vegan wedding cakes too.
One best way of alleviating the tension is to give familiar best vegan foods so that guests will feel comfortable eating them. Consider having pasta bars, salads, bread, sweets, soups, and vegetable trays in the celebration.

To avoid disappointment from guests, it will be best if you let them know ahead of time that the celebration is going to be vegan. This is much better than having them expect something different.
Find the best caterer to serve food your reception. Choose one who specialises in vega menu’s, focusses on details and presents you an exciting menu. Discuss with the caterer your preferences to ensure they factor this in, and of course suggest if you have any specific recipes in mind.

If you do find a skilled vegan baker, then great! However, in case you don’t find that person try to find a substitute for your ingredients. Eggs can be replaced with flaxseed, but make sure whoever is making the cake practices…a lot!

You might find it hard to look for a wedding cake that matches your theme. Well, in reality, a lot of bakers don’t have enough knowledge or experience in how to create a cake without having to use butter, eggs, and milk: substituting standard ingredients for vegan ingredients takes skill and technique.

A vegan wedding cake can be an amazing talking point at a wedding because of how uncommon it is. Plan your wedding well and make it truly special for you and your fiancee.