Raw Vegan Cake Example Recipes

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Raw vegan desserts are the sweetest and most incredible type of desserts.

They are gluten-free and don’t need you to use an oven when making them.

Their ingredients are considered very healthy for the body and comprise of ingredients ranging from raw algae, dried fruits seeds, and nectars. They have no added artificial sweetness.

Here are some awesome raw vegan recipes that you should definitely consider trying;

Raw carrot cake with cashew cream cheese frosting
Everyone loves carrot cakes; however, people don’t have the idea that it can be transformed with cashew cream frosting which is healthier.

Raw mini chocolate cream cakes
This cake can be made according to an individual’s taste and preference because the recipe can be tweaked based upon preference. For instance, instead of using cashew, we can use macadamia; and although cashew nuts would be really good, using any nuts will work and tweak the flavour slightly.

Raw walnut coffee cake with a brown base
The walnut coffee is recommended for all chocolate lovers as it involves a tantalizing recipe that will not only bring out a smooth flavour, it also contains a soft caffeine hit.

Raw carrot-orange desserts
These cakes are normally frozen to maintain its texture. They have a smooth texture and well balanced chocolate-orange flavour that should attract all fruit lovers.

Raw chocolate molten lava cakes
The shape of these cakes is in the form of molten lava erupting and eating it brings a whole, new awesome and excellent feeling.

Raw strawberry chocolate coconut pie
One of the most intriguing desserts we’ve made is a combination of different desserts which includes coconut cream, chocolate, and a macadamia crust.

Raw cacao cakes

Raw cacao contains phenylethylamine and magnesium that combine to bring out a relaxation feeling of the mind and body when you take it.

Raw vanilla cake with chocolate “buttercream”
It’s made up of thin layers of chocolate and buttercream. Its recipe includes vanilla and maca, giving it a spongy texture.

Raw orange and blueberry cheesecake
The cake has vibrant colors that are very appealing on the eye that would make anyone salivate. They are topped with an orange spread and blueberry layer which makes them all more delightful.

The main thing we always remember to do is to play with flavours: sometime a combination you didn’t think would work is delicious when it interacts with your taste buds: get experimenting, and tell us when you stumble upon something countrintuitively delicious