Setting up a vegan home bakery business

how to start a vegan cake business

A home bakery business is one of the most beautiful ways in which one can exercise their bakery skills. If you want your baking business to flourish you need to follow a particular guideline. The steps include;

1. Register yourself as self-employed
By setting up as a sole trader, it requires that you register yourself with a taxpaying institution to make it easier for them to know that you use the self-assessment system to pay taxes. However, if you are starting a limited company you may need to follow the step by step guide to know how to set up the business.

2. Have a standard kitchen
You can acquire a standard kitchen by ensuring high food hygiene practices in the kitchen through cleaning it regularly, protecting it against pest and other contaminations and ensuring good bakery utensils, cutlery, and other kitchen equipment.

3. Register your premises
Before starting up your business, you should register it with the local authority under the environmental health service. You can use the food business registration tool to acquire details for your local authority. The authority will check your food preparation area to allow business permit.

4. Insure your business
Insure you baking business from injury or damage that may occur. This is through stock insurance, public liability, employers’ liability or product liability insurances.

5. Inform your landlord or mortgage lender
You need to seek permission from your mortgage lender or landlord if your home is rented in order to carry out your vegan home bakery business. This is so as to avoid any inconveniences that may occur.

6. Be outstanding
Due to the stiff competition from other baking businesses, you need to differentiate yourself from others. For instance, you could specialize in vegan cakes. You must also create a close contact with your customer for easy delivery and a good sense of your local market.

7. Develop an online site
You can interact with people on social media through coming up with a website that gives details about your business, create a Facebook or Twitter account where you can post mouthwatering photographs and other updates about your business.

8. Get out and about with your business
You should go out and create a good reputation about the business locally to people through offering free samples, sell cakes, applying for a stall in events, distribute leaflets and flyers and other good ideas in order to promote your business.

9. Have a track of your outgoings and ingoings’
First, you should keep your receipts of the taxes you pay to produce as evidence of your business expenditure. You should keep a record of your income and expenses to assist in creating a tax return. Furthermore, seek ideas from business accounting software to manage the business finances.

10. Market your business
You should come up with market strategies for people to have knowledge about your vegan cakes. Apart from using social media and other sites, you may create a good relationship with a local wedding venue or use the google pay per click ads. However, you should narrow the audience such that it appears to people within your delivery zone.