The Benefits of a Vegan Wedding Cake

You just attended a friend’s wedding and the only thing that remains vivid in your mind is the cake you just. You even asked the wedding planner what kind of cake it is and they are happy to say it is a vegan wedding cake. You are so curious to know why a vegan cake. Your friend tells you the couple has decided to go healthy and the first step is through their wedding cake. You might be asking yourself what are the benefits of a wedding cake.

Rich in Vitamin C
Most vegan cakes must have a fruit element but the most pronounced component of a vegan cake is the vital vitamins it contains. Vitamins are always important in boosting your immune system and helping your body fight disease-causing microbes.
Vegan wedding cake bakers use fruit purees to improve the taste. Apples, lemons, oranges, berries, grapes, mangoes are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for its role in boosting body immunity. Vitamin C enhances collagen production that improves skin texture by reducing skin stretches.

Biotin Rich
A vegan cake with leafy greens, avocados, bananas and raspberries is rich in a biotin. Biotin is common for skin, nails and hair health. Biotin increases keratin production in your enhancing your skin, hair and nails healthy and strong.

Rich in Essential Oils
A vegan wedding cake that houses kales, spinach, mangoes and carrots are rich in essential oils. Essential oils are known for their richness in antioxidants that boost heart, skin, hair, cell and bone health. Antioxidants are good in fighting cancer cells and radicals.

Rich in Vitamin E
Naturals fat raw materials like hazelnuts, pine nuts, sesame seeds, avocados and sunflower seeds used in making vegan wedding cakes are rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is important for hair and skin health. Antioxidants in its fat-soluble antioxidants are an anti-aging agent that leaves the skin most besides boosting your immune system.

Iron Availability
Dried apricots, cashews, tofu, sesame seeds usually used in vegan wedding cakes are rich in iron. Iron is known for its role in improving blood health. Moreover, iron is responsible for the pink glow on your skins and the strengthening of your finger and toenails.

Zinc Rich
Almonds, hemp, oats spirulina and pumpkins are usually used in baking vegan wedding cakes. These agents improve texture and taste of vegan cakes. They are rich in zinc known for the production of elastin production. Elastin is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and acne treatment.

Rich in Vitamin B5
Sunflower seeds and avocado are highly used by vegans. Having them in a vegan wedding cake comes with lots of benefits among them skin growth and regeneration, skin softening, eliminating hair greying and enhancing hair strength due to their of the pantothenic acid. Other agents like the spinach and peanuts are rich in vitamin B5.

Rich in Vitamin D
In place of cashew nuts, a vegan wedding cake baker can use tofu. Tofu is rich in vitamin D commonly provided by sunlight. Vitamin D is known for controlling body zinc balance. Vitamin D is also good for skin and bone health.