Tips For The Best Vegan Cake

If you haven’t heard of the term vegan before it simply put is a stricter form of vegetarianism. Not only do vegans like their veggies but they also try to avoid any animal products. This means that they don’t consume products like eggs, dairy products or honey. When you bake for such people it is important to take those strict rules vegans follow into consideration. If you want to bake is delicious cake follow these guidelines for optimal results.
Always make sure that you measure your ingredients accurately
This is very common among novice bakers but as you become more experience with the trade you’ll notice how important it can be at times to measure your ingredients to the letter. A digital scale for weighing your ingredients is a great investment as a baker. You might also want to consider using calibrated measuring spoons because they are standard sized and give you’re the correct capacity needed to measure ingredients.
Some of your ingredients are out-dated
It is not very uncommon to have outdated ingredients around the house. Using these ingredients in your cake, however, can result in a flop. Be sure to check the expiration date of the products you use in your cake. Baking soda can be tested by mixing one tsp into 4 tbsp of hot water. A usable mixture will see bubbles rising to the top immediately.
You’re not following the method to the letter
At some point, you may feel confident enough in the kitchen and skip some of the steps in a recipe. By doing this you won’t be doing yourself any favor. Instead, you’ll end up with something far from what your end result should be. It’s best to follow every step of a recipe because baking itself is a science.
Get familiar with terms like beating, folding and creaming
Beating – means to simply add eggs to creamed sugar and fat. The best way of doing this is to whisk the eggs in a separate bowl and mix it with the other ingredients little by little. Remember that you are trying to get as much air in the mixture as possible.
Folding – the aim here is to keep as much air in the dry ingredients as possible. This is so that your cake will rise higher. Avoid using an electric whisk or a wooden spoon for this.
Creaming – mixing sugar and butter together until the desired recipe consistency is reached. Air is here also very important as you try to get as much of it inside the mixture.
You don’t prepare your cake tin enough
Your recipe will specify how you should best line your tin. When baking a vegan cake it’s best to make use of canola or sunflower oil. Follow the included instructions very carefully to avoid situations where your cake sticks to the tin or simply deforms during baking.

Some of these tips are general best practices for baking while others are fundamental for veganism. Make sure that you get confident in the kitchen before you experiment on your own but keep these tips in mind.