Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Raw Desserts

As we scroll through our feed right now, we’re greeted with chocolate drips, creamy layers of raw goodness and nutty toppings. Yes, we’re suckers for a great vegan raw dessert account and love to find inspiration on Instagram, especially as every account slightly different to the next, creating their own spin on raw desserts, treats and cakes. Here’s a run down of our current favourites.

1 @pana_chocolate

If you’re a fan of raw chocolate, chances are you’ve tried a Pana Chocolate bar! Aussie the born brand post a tonne of drool-worthy raw dessert inspiration on their Instagram page, from vibrant berry bars to decadent chocolate bites, all incorporating their delicious product in some way. I’m also a huge fan of their cookbook, definitely worth a buy if you’re looking to experiment!

2 @rawcakevibes

Audrey Snowe of @unconventionalbaker triumphs raw desserts in all their glory by sharing the delicious refined sugar, dairy and egg free raw desserts from other no-bake talents. The perfect place to find different twists on traditional treats from creamy chocolate tarts to nutty raw energy balls.

3 @rawcakesbycoco

Australian based company, Raw Cakes by Coco is a must-follow to brighten up raw cake lover’s feed. Every cake is dressed to the nines with colourful edible flowers, vibrant fresh fruit, scatters of nuts and cacao nibs and perfectly finished with mouth-watering dripping chocolate sauce. They specialise in celebration desserts and offer incredible, multi-layer wedding cakes.

4 @happyfoodandhealth

Friends of ours located in Rotterdam, Happy Food and Health’s photos give us major raw cake envy. They capture the indulgent textures so perfectly; you’ll almost be able to taste the creamy treats as you scroll through their feed. Their creations receive rave reviews and we’ve currently got our eye on a decadent banofee pie.

5 @rawnchydesserts

Probably the coolest name for a raw cake company, Rawnchy Desserts can be found in Glasgow, Scotland, and will instantly draw you in with their bold and beautiful whole raw cakes, each vibrant and colourful. They pride themselves on recyclable and biodegradable packaging, which we obviously adore.

6 @rawtrader

Melbourne based (the Aussies just do it so well!) Raw Trader raw desserts offer the thickest, most creamy looking slices that we can’t stop drooling over! With layers so perfectly level and flavour combinations including chocolate raspberry and lemon meringue, we’re booking our plane ticket ASAP!

7 @rawbeccabites

From ginormous double layer cakes, topped with peanut butter cups and raw nutella, to single serving slices, head over to Raw Becca’s feed and be prepared to get hungry! We’re obsessed with the extravagant creations Becca makes using raw and unrefined ingredients.

8 @rawgoodness

Drool worthy independent company serving up raw goodness indeed, from single serving raw slices and energy balls, to larger sharable cakes. Their Instagram account is absolute texture goals, from oozing peanut butter to desiccated coconut sprinkles.

9 @therawblendkitchen

Sarah Jefferies, owner of The Raw Blend Kitchen, serves up little works of arts in the form of her raw cakes, all piped to perfection and sprinkled with crunchy nuts and nibs. Every chocolate drip and caramel coating makes her creations look even more indulgent, without the food guilt.

10 @chellessoulfoods

Last but no means least, Chelle’s Soulfoods are enough to make any savoury toothed foodie turn sweet. Her raw peanut butter wagon wheels (yes, you read that right!) are oh so original, and beautifully decorated refined sugar free magnums are perfect picnic eats.