Top 5 Vegan Youtube Channels

We live in an age where information on absolutely everything is at our fingertips within seconds as well as social media playing a huge role within our everyday lives. It is arguable that Youtube is replacing the need for television, as high quality content is so readily available on whatever topic we chose.

Youtube and Youtubers alike have undoubtedly changed the game for the vegan movement, using the platform as a means to educate, inspire and create. We thought we’d give you a rundown of our favourite content creators who we just can’t stop watching. From plant-based recipes and fitness tips to vegan activism, there is definitely something for everyone.

Ellen Fisher

If you fantasise about living on a tropical island, eating mangoes and slurping big green smoothies all day, Ellen Fisher will give you major life goals. She’s the vegan mum of dreams and is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational Youtubers for both fresh and healthy recipes to kind and honest activism. Her children are adorable, and she proves everyday that you absolutely can raise a healthy, happy and compassionate family whilst living a vegan lifestyle.

Find her here –

Hot For Food

THE place for mouth-wateringly delicious vegan recipes, from insanely decadent cakes and desserts, to dirty burgers and fries. Lauren Toyota creates your favourite meals, veganised! Her recipes are all step-by- step and pretty fool proof, ideal for impressing your sceptical friends. We love her vegan pad thai recipe, and her vegan double chocolate cookies are to die for.

Find her here –

The Happy Pear

Another foodie favourite, The Happy Pear are twin brothers from Ireland, owners of The Happy Pear café and authors of two incredible cookbooks. Their food is simple and straightforward, whilst being oh so nourishing and comforting. They’re fun and loveable, adding a playful twist on your typical how-to recipe videos. Give them a follow on Instagram too for daily food inspiration and intimate insights into running a successful plant-based café.

Find them here –

Naturally Stephanie

With close to 170K subscribers, Naturally Stephanie is a huge name in the vegan Youtube community as well as being a hugely popular fitness influencer. Her channel focuses on proving just how easy and cost effective it is to be a female body builder on a vegan diet. She’s fun, easy going and her videos will both inspire and educate you to get into the gym and smash your workouts.

Find her here –

Earthling Ed

Earthling Ed’s channel is ever growing in popularity as he starts to make waves within the mainstream media. He’s real, honest and completely fearless in educating others of the effect that the consumption of meat, dairy and eggs has on the animals and the planet. His videos range from confrontation of American hunters, to emotional animal sanctuary videos. If you’re looking for inspirational activism, Ed is your guy!

Find him here –