Vegan Bakers that will change your perception of a wedding cake

creating a delicious vegan cake

The days of tiered vanilla wedding cakes decorations of white frosting are gone. Wedding ceremonies have become more personalized and individualized than ever, and the desserts used to celebrate these wonderful occasions have not been an exception. A couple of years ago, the possibility of serving a vegan cake would likely result in eye brows being raised.

But as a result of hard work, creative genius and sheer dedication by many vegan bakers, couples can now happily serve natural delicious vegan wedding desserts that can compete toe-to-toe with traditional desserts in terms of taste, appearance, and texture. We will be highlighting three innovators that have taken vegan-baking to another level. They have reveled in the challenges and hard work which comes with the use of alternative ingredients. These key stakeholders vary in styles but have similar customer insight on what can make a successful vegan wedding cake; a dessert bar that can satisfy a variety of taste and flavors that can make you happy.

Lael Cakes

As Emily Lael Aumiller’s cakes are diligently decorated with elegant tiers and sugar-sculpted flowers, they look indistinguishable while they cover wedding magazines around the globe. However, unlike traditional desserts, the New York-based Laels creations don’t contain wheat, gluten, refined sugars or dairy.

Buoyed by her own allergies, Aumiller tried to restructure the typical baking system by creating her own recipes from scratch. The result was the creation of delicate, moist cakes having traditional flavors and exotic ones as well, such as mango, matcha, and black chocolate.
Her artistry and versatility in creating advanced designs come from a complex creative and baking process-from making a sketch of a what a client wants and sugar sculpting to blending personal elements like a couples personal love story. Although the fanciful decorations showcase her ability, Lael cakes are also popularly known for their open-layer graced with unfussy flower and fruit details.

Erin Mckenna Bakery

Boasting over twelve years of expertise, Erin Mckenna put the business of gluten-free and vegan desserts on the international map in the most stylish way. Locating in New York, Los Angeles and Disney Springs, Erin McKenna’s Bakery has been a massive hit due to its exhilarating products. The bakery’s cupcakes and doughnuts are not only loved by people with gluten sensitivities but also other people interested in eating some delicious treat.

When this vegan OG got started in 2005, there were not many bakeries around with these products. A lot of legwork was done to make sure there was a clean baking and after a great a deal of experimentation, and perseverance they succeeded in producing concoctions without many common allergens.
These treats are the perfect choice for the guests and wedding couples whose diets and medical complications mean that they use the traditional wedding deserts.

Erin Mckenna’s baked goods offer the perfect union between serving a variety of dietary needs and looking stylish due to their classic decorations and variety of flavor offerings.