Vegan Cake Course/Workshops

vegan cake workshop results

Coincidentally, the world is now more vegan savvy. Everyone wants to live longer, healthy and youthful lives. This doesn’t mean a sweet tooth like you and I are left behind, our workshops cater for cake lovers by offering courses on vegan recipes and train you on how to bake tasty and healthy cakes and cuisines.

A typical workshop day would involve a number of participants from diverse walks of life. These lot is put in groups of 2 or 5 depending on the number enrolled to the course. Before the training begins, each person is asked to brainstorm on their dream cake. The design, the color, the flavors and any other wild imagination for a perfect cake that they would wish to have. The training then begins and everyone is asked to keep their thought-out cake in mind. By this time, everyone gets to understand whether all their ingredients conform to a balanced and nutritious recipe for a vegan cake. They are then put to task by baking their ‘dream cakes’ in the formed groups. They get to learn from each other while following an instructor led outline. This creates a cohesive environment where everyone brings on board something new that would be beneficial to the class. Safe to say, the instructor also gets to learn from the creativity in the room.

Once the cakes are baked and ready, each group gives a presentation about their choice of recipes and design. They also share what they learned from their group during the session. This generates a wealth of knowledge to the participants as well as forming a community of friends. The diversity makes it fun and conducive enough for learners to be free to express themselves. They end up having a sense of belonging since they will have not only formed strong networks but also made great achievements that would boost their self-esteem.

The workshops are gender sensitive and do not discriminate based on race, sex, religion or beliefs. Everyone is treated equally. The sole purpose is to gain skills and promote love for vegan dietary products.

Our guarantee to you is that, once you are done with the program, you will be in a position to bake your own nutritious vegetable cake, a chance for you to brag to your friends anytime they pay you a curtesy call.

Enroll with us, let us give you more power in your kitchen.