Vegan Wedding Cake Hacks from a Professional who bakes

Vegan Wedding Cake Hacks from a Professional who bakes! (Vegan-Cakes don’t bake! We make Raw Cakes)

You may have run out of options, feel bored by the process you are using, you are thinking there are options for baking your vegan wedding cakes. You have become better at your job; there is no better way to become pro by borrowing a page from the life of vegan cake pro. Below are vegan cake hacks that can improve your wedding cake making experience?

You have been baking and you know very well that are soft and flours. Soft for cakes, cookies and pies, hard flour for bread. Soft flour suits the description of a vegan wedding cake baker. Not that hard flour is unhealthy; using Xantham gum on your soft flour will improve your cake recipe structure.

Have you been using liquid sweeteners in place of standard sugar? Beware of their sugar contents by checking the labels for proportions. Use fruit purees or brown rice syrup, which has no effect on a diabetic patient. Such a feature in your vegan wedding cake will not limit a diabetic attending a wedding event.

Avoiding Animal Products
Have you been using baking soda and cider vinegar as an egg substitute? This is a good replacement for the use of an egg. Many bakers use it at the beginning of their baking but you can be different, use baking soda and vinegar at the end. The soda and vinegar mixture reacts faster; using it at the end will still make no big difference because a vegan wedding makes the list of light recipes that are always supposed to be soft in texture.

When doing your cream frosting, use cold cheese or butter substitutes. You can use an electric mixer, in its absence do it manually using your hands with the help of a whisk or spatula. Stir gently sugar substitutes, you can brown rice sugar. Stir gently holding the bowl firmly until uniform (not leaving any lumps).

As you do your mixing and dough making taste the pastry, this is the only way to know whether the ingredients have mixed well. The pastry of a vegan cake is safe even before it cooks, there be no offence tasting what you are making. If you cannot taste have a taster around during the dough making and after the cake has cooked you do not want to end up delivering a below standard cake.

The piping bag is the most dominant way of decorating your vegan wedding cake. You can create your own by just using a free clear plastic bag with a ziplock back and the sharp corner slightly snipped. Here you need various designs; you can draw flowers, right names or initials, messages depending on the client’s demands.

You can also use well-cut and frozen berries and melons on your cake. Make it fancy, clean and add to the vegan philosophy on your cake. As the cake gets to the arena the leaves, the fruits and colours will pique the guests’ attention on what to expect as they get their piece of this healthy cake.
Success! I hope these hacks keep you getting better.