Wholecase Vegan Cakes in Bristol

Let’s chat about wholesale cakes in Bristol. Be it elegant wedding towers from Earth Cakes, to our very own raw, vibrant vegan cheesecakes, there is an ever growing array of sweet treats to choose from in the city.

It is simply amazing to see bespoke catering companies such as Little Gems catching on, offering tailor-made celebration cakes to fit every dietary requirement going. Many booming businesses jumped on to the gluten-free demand a good few years back, and now understand the high demand for plant-based options too. We love the fact that Little Gems also offer refined sugar-free wedding and celebration cakes, a fine detail that many may overlook.

Our friends over at Earth Cakes similarly understand the importance of refined sugar-free recipes for clientel, and their vegan wholesale business is booming due to this. From catering to cafes around the city, to free-from wedding, celebration cakes and afternoon teas, they don’t only understand the growing demand for quality vegan bakes, but connect with the community too. Earth Cake both deliver and offer Click&Collect services too, proving that ordering with dietary requirements should be as hassle-free as ordering without them.

Those gorgeous naked and ever so slightly rustic wedding cakes that grace your Pinterest feed? Earth Cake offer the tallest of layer cakes to feed your hungry guests, as well as drool-worthy rainbow gateau’s, perfectly iced cupcakes and gooey brownies. As you scroll through Earth Cakes dreamy Instagram feed, you wouldn’t believe the beautiful creations are the product of just two talented masterminds, Diana and Gerzson, and can create works of art with only a few days notice.

And then there’s us. Here at Elspeth’s Kitchen, we are proud to be fully raw as we truly believe its one of the best ways we can both treat our sweet tooth, and nourish it too. We’re also the U.K’s largest wholesale vegan cake producer delivering to cafes and restaurants, which we couldn’t be more proud of. We’re sure by now you’re aware of the many wonderful benefits of eating raw, including the sheer amount of anti-oxidants and enzymes that are delivered to the body through the delicious ingredients we use. Our celebration, wedding and tray un-bakes are made using the highest quality free-from and plant-based ingredients, including cashews, coconut and fruit.

You can spot our tasty treats in eateries across Bristol and Bath, order online and even learn to make your own at our raw cake workshops. We love to get out and about, and throughout the year can be found popping up at different food festivals, farmers markets and free-from fairs.