Wholesale Cake Decoration Tips

This is most fun but intricate but of cake making. Because this is a wholesale cake business, it just got even messier. Decorating cakes is one of the needs of the customers one needs to meet, why is it fun? They tell you what they want you to do on their cakes. As a professional cake maker or amateur decorator, some few tips should set you on the right part to wholesale cake decoration.

With time, the demands of the customer may be so high. You might even need to employ a decorator to help you in this part. Set some money aside in the budget for a decorator. If you were not ready for this, agree with the customer for the decoration costs. I would also advise that you take a short decoration class if you want to do this yourself. This will also help you transfer the same to your team for convenience.

Careful icing preparation
An important part of decoration is the icing. Usually, a poor calibration of icing ingredients can lead to a poor icing quality. Follow the instruction of icing to the latter to get the best out of your icing agent. A good icing should be able to frost perfectly to avoid melts. Creating stiff icing is important and this can be achieved by using powdered sugar. In the case you are a stand mixer, ensure that it stands at number four to avoid any air bubbles that can make the frosting a mess.

Flip cake before decoration
After a cake has been prepared, there is a crumb coating. This prevents us from seeing the crumbs on the final product. Level using a cake leveller. This creates just the fine surface for your decoration. The flipping allows for you to remove the crumbs using the leveller and after this part everything I ready.

Use of parchment paper and piping gel
You might be asking yourself what does the parchment paper do, isn’t this used for drawing or something? You are right. The piping gel helps you put to drawing the image you want to see on the cake. After placing a parchment paper on the cake, outline the paper with the piping gel with the help of an icing tip. Flip the paper over and brush gel onto the cake. Once the gel is on the cake, you can now decorate the cake as you wanted.

Use of impression mats
Once you feel you are done with a buttercream finish use an impression mat. There are various mats for various patterns. Could be the polka dots pattern or a swirl pattern. Place the mat on the cake and press to leave the impression you want.

Practice to perfect
The decoration is an art. Being perfect comes at a price. I would advise that since you gotten to the whole cake business, you should be able to become perfect in no time. Practice all the designs you feel your market needs and perfect your decoration, this could be your unique selling point.

Finally, cakes are expressions of life, love, care and trust. They bring people together; the love for your work should be seen in the perfections and imperfections of your work. Enjoy your decoration and give your wholesale cake customers the product they deserve.