Wholesale Cakes Bulk Baking

Wholesale cake business is a bit time sensitive because somebody is just usually waiting for an order. Bulk baking is not one of the easy things to do but since you have gotten to the wholesale cake business, you need to learn this craft so that you re able to meet the deadlines and win customer trust. Bulk baking also helps saves on time, space and money spent on baking huge orders. You might be wondering how I make it sound so easy; there of things to do to ensure you get to are a perfect bulk baker.

Try your recipe first
A bulk bake is a huge toll. I would advise that before you go far on your recipe, you should try the recipe. This is like a pilot test, like a start small thing. The outcome of the first coming out perfectly is a good thing. If it goes bad, you know right where to correct. The rest is the mathematics of kilograms you and the client have decided on.

Prepare ingredients on time
The amounts of ingredients will always differ depending on the amount. Have the flour ready and all measurements were done on time. Preparing early means, you have confidence and finishing early means quick payment and a move to the next client. Some people mix the ingredients; if possible refrigerate those that need proper storage conditions. For missing ingredients, shop for them and have them put in the right place. I prefer labelling the ingredients depending on the client and order.

Prepare frosting early
Always prepare the frosting earlier, this is actually two days before the actual baking. Making frosting can be cumbersome and timewasting. These frosting could be fudge, cream cheese and buttercream. However, there are frostings that have to be made on the cake-baking day, an example is a marshmallow.

Focus on the baking
The focus is required on a baking day. Here, a slight waste of time means late delivery. This is the point when the cell phone is off and the office call is just on for quick heads up. Your team needs to come in prepared and ready to start. All equipment in the right points is important. The oven, cooker, or whatever you are using for bulk production should be ready. Pay for the electricity, you do not want it cut on this day. As the cake gets ready to have the frosting ready, if prepared early, have it ready on the table, create space for the decoration. Do test pipes of the cake design you are looking at creating.

Careful finishing
You have come so far to damage cake. The storing and packaging part is the most intricate part of cake baking. In this case, you are dealing with wholesale orders. If you damage anything, the loss goes to you the seller. Train your team on precision and on the need to act as one. If they act as a different group, the damage can be worse. Be there to watch as the storage happens.

Seek Feedback of a taster, someone to review work done
Before the product gets to the client have someone who does not work for you, could be an honest friend do the tasting. Always prepare something for the taster, this way the team also gets to know what they have actually made.

See! Easy and fun, the rules of the game are important. Early preparation, teamwork, leadership and an outside opinion are a huge part of the wholesale cake bulk baking process.